Saturday, April 27, 2013

Be Careful What You Ask For

A little over 2 weeks ago, I was concerned going into our first sonogram because I "didn't feel any different".  Well, thanks to my big mouth, I now feel different, and it isn't pretty.  My hay fever went into overdrive at the same time as my bronchitis came back, and only after spending the week in bed and NOT taking preggo-unsafe medication did I also realize that lo and behold, I have morning sickness!  But wait, there's more!  In my case, to make up for not feeling different, I guess, the nausea pretty much sticks with me everywhere I go.  I'm on crackers and ginger ale all day long, I gotta eat every 3-4 hours or little Dino will let me know I'm overdue, and I've napped every single day, for several hours at a stretch.  This is not normal for me, so yeah, I'll say .... I finally feel different.  But now that I do, I kinda wish I didn't!

What's worse, with my illness I'm worried about the little one and was assuming I'd have another ultrasound next week.... only to find out we have graduated early to the OB.  So now it'll be up to my regular OB when my next sono will be.  Of course, I will request one asap, but I think I remember them saying they only have the abdominal scan version, which means we'd have to wait a bit longer before being able to see/hear anything again.  I'm thinking I might want to get a doppler to evesdrop on my little occupant so I can be reassured whenever I need it.

The good news is that today I am 8 weeks along, aka 2 months pregnant!  We are a third of the way done with the first trimester!  I have started to wean off the fertility medication as well, so I'll be on completely natural hormones in a month.  I'm hoping that the combo of the artificial hormones and the baby-induced hormones has been contributing to the way I feel, and once I'm off the meds, all will be well with the world again.

I am writing about this, but it is not sinking in yet.  Interestingly, I think that once I tell my dad, he won't let me forget about it, and then it'll start to get more real!  I'm actually looking forward to telling my dad, bc he has been hassling me for years about having a baby, so I just know that he will be thrilled.  My guess is that there will be a thumbs-up, huge grin, hugs, and tears.  I've been having several dreams about him lately, so maybe I need to hurry up and tell him.  My mom, so funny, wants me to quit making her keep this a secret any longer because she can't shop for the baby around my dad because he tells her the stuff is too small for their 3-year-old grandson!  Precious.

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