Monday, October 14, 2013

"Baby's Shower"

My Darling Baby,

We are in the final stretch now.  Only two months remain until I hold you in my arms at long last!  I have enjoyed feeling your dancing, yoga stretches, and general bouncing around, but I am ready to see those tiny feet and hands and little bum on the outside, where I can be better sure that you are safe and sound!

Daddy is equally eager to meet you face to face, as you know since he tells you this regularly.  We are both so excited that you are joining our family.  Yesterday, we celebrated your anticipated arrival with family and friends at a baby shower hosted by your Tia Y and Ms. Liz, baby Nick's mommy.  Your prima Jael was there and a great helper.  Babcia & Dziadzio were there, Abuela too, and your godmother, Auntie Courtney. Also in attendance: Ms. Lisa and Mr. Duncan, our neighbors; Ms. Yessenia and Mr. Tyler; Ms. Donna and her toddler daugher; and of course baby Nick's daddy, Mr. Mike, as well as Tia's husband, Tio S. and abuela's gentleman Mr. J.

At the start, Jael and you and I danced a little bit of the Macarena, but mommy got quite tired quite quickly!  We had yummy food that Ms. Liz and Tia Y prepared, as we enjoyed the festive decorations they put up everywhere in Ms. Liz's home.  Our first activity was a onesie art project.  Many folks decorated a onsie for you to wear, and then daddy and I had the difficult job of choosing our favorite.  We played a little trick on everyone and made our own onsie, and then said that was the winner!  But then we revealed the real winner, who turned out to be Ms. Yessenia.  The onsie has a nice little nature scene of a tree and sun, and the words "Vida + Amor".

The next game was a MadLibs.  Once everyone was done filling out their sheet, I read each silly version out loud, and then daddy and I deliberated on which one was the funniest.  The winner turned out to be Auntie Courtney. 

Then everyone took a length of measuring tape to guesstimate how big around I am while you're living in your little mommy casita.  Then I stood up and daddy tried all the different measuring tapes to see who came the closest without underestimating.  It was very close between Babcia and Mr. Mike and baby Nick.  Babcia's strategy was to stand up and measure her own belly, leaving extra room for how big she thought you were.  Mr. Mike measured himself with baby Nick included.

The final activity was while we were opening gifts, and Tia Y set the timer and when it went off, whose ever gift we were opening at the time got a gift bag!  Ms. Lisa won that game.  By the way, every game/activity's winner got a gift bag!

We also had beautiful cupcakes for dessert before heading home with all the awesome gifts we got to help us prepare for your arrival, and great memories to boot.

In your usual style, you kept quiet and still when Abuela, Ms. Yessenia, and Tia Y tried to feel your bouncing.  You finally loosened up when daddy, Auntie Courtney, and I went to church that evening to listen to a talk.  Daddy joked that you were really into his message, and you were bouncing around to say "preach on, brother!" and "Amen!"  Auntie Courtney got to feel you moving a bit then.

As you know, we have been working on preparing for your big day of arrival by attending classes and doing various activities at home.  This is a join effort, and I trust that you will be a good little baby and get into the correct position in time for us to have a wonderful, peaceful, joyful birthing time together!

Love you, pookie.

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