Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brain and Heart Think as One

I forget what science film I watched on YouTube that said the brain and heart work together to think, but when I heard it, I instantly thought of how this relates to the concept of the Trinity.
The brain and the heart work together to think.
We’ve assumed that the brain is the sole source of intelligence, with the heart being subservient to the brain.
If the brain is God the Father, and the heart is God the Son, it makes sense when Jesus said that He and the Father are One. The Son does what the Father wants, yet it’s thanks to the heart that the brain can accomplish its goal.
The Holy Spirit is the neurotransmitters being released in the brain, the blood carrying oxygen to the heart, the flow that keeps communication running smoothly between the two.
Now if only I can get past the literal explanations given to the masses by theologians, and instead apply such science-based metaphors and analogies to Catholicism, I'll be well on my way to accepting the faith in good conscience again.

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