Friday, August 17, 2012

If dogs could preach... Part 1 (resisting God)

Most dog lovers would agree that walking a dog that pulls is no fun.  For me, it guarantees that the walk will be cut short.  Refusing to heel, the dog who pulls doesn’t accept their walker’s authority to determine the course of the walk.  As a result, the dog chokes itself on its collar, is frustrated by repeatedly being forcefully pulled away from what it was pursuing, and finds itself back home long before it would’ve wanted to return.

But such are the consequences of not trusting that your walker knows where to go to provide the best sniffing trails, sufficient exercise, lots of fresh air, and all the while keeping you safe.  The most well-behaved and trusted dogs are even let off-leash because they understand what is expected of them and they know their owner will not lead them astray.

We could learn a thing or two from dogs.  How many of us spend much of our time pulling forcefully in various directions without first checking with God to see where He’d have us walk?  Surely He knows better where we should and shouldn’t go to enjoy a relatively stress-free leisurely walk.  But if we refuse to obey when God IS trying to lead us, what makes us think He’ll continue to lead us?  He wants to enjoy the walk with us, but He won’t keep leading us against our will.  The natural consequence is that we get left behind.  We can bark and shout all we want, but without a proven obedient walk, we haven’t earned the right to being led by God.  And without God walking us, the best we can do is look out the window and live vicariously through others.

So when God says “heel”, we better do what He says, and enjoy the walk.  Otherwise we’ll get left behind.

Our two furry kids.

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